Stop working. Get up and Activate.

Tingkatkan stamina. Coz kerja saja..not good. Like solat, make time for it (not make them when time is free — inserted tazkirah).

If you want to keep joints strong for longer use, do not waste your youth inactive.

Slowly you test the BEBAN provided (either speed or inclination). For a start, do 15 mins with 0 inclination until you got it steady. Once take off the 15 mins, increase to 30 to 45 to 1 hour to 2 hr (depends) and inclination too.

Chin must parallel to the floor. Do not pandang kanan or kiri. Focus on the breathing which is the MOST important and many neglect paru-paru capacity.

Better, do not talk. Turn off the music, you will run better according to study.

Another focus is to beat the environment that pulling us from completing the task. The task is easier to complete if we provide ourselves favorable environment (not over-equipped).

Breathe until you get calm rhythm and pace so you can bear even longer. March…”left left left right left”. Keep face straight and smile on. Then, your day can be as light as feather.


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