The Society. Season 1. Netflix

Right now, I am watching The Society on Netflix. (Who’s with me??!) They are just releasing season 1. Not gonna spoil. Basically, they are a bunch of school kids left in a ‘world’ that is needed to create new government. I promise you, no vampire or no walking dead zombie apocalypse or anything coz I am also TOO tired of those bullshits.

I love their concept of needed to force-create a new government and have to enforce it without seniors around, to tell them what’s right and what’s wrong. They have to lead, for months until they get answers to why is suddenly town becomes empty. It is hard to lead if the situation has a psychopath and someone chooses to not follow your lead especially the psychopath becomes mastermind. Power is needed to GET THINGS DONE or else peoples will starve and the place won’t work and there will be chaos.

So basically, this story is pretty much about leadership, politics among teenagers and it will take us back to freaking Dark Age but with smartphones available, except there is no wifi nor satellites and they can communicate among themselves ONLY. That’s a pretty challenging survival kit/scene to start ‘New Age’ with no freaking history.

Men have to stoic up to keep The Society alive. It is also might be giving us ideas; about democracy and it means putting town first and ourselves second. I mean what is gonna happens to us if…; brute force is taking over to produce anarchy; democracy is Elon’s idea to what will be practicing if we happen to go to Planet Mars, ya know someday like if we happen to in need of living there, ya know the survival of the fittest in the freaking modern year 2050 shit.

Finally, I have something really good to watch on Netflix, which is so long to have. I just finished S1 and waiting for S2. I might be doing a complicated comment, screw it it’s 2 am! but it is really a thinking story.

Thanks to my friend, Prahashini Galadaran for recommending this.

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