How You Are Not An Inch of Self-Regarded Psychopath – My Core Lesson from watching Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is considered as a very successful drama in the US. Obtained the highest-rated show of all time by Guinness World Records. Story about a man who is a CHEMISTRY Ph.D. makes low-income teaching chemistry in high school, becomes drug lord.

I here, don’t want to talk about the life of Heisenberg, the chosen name for his criminal activity because you can watch through the whole episodes by yourself, so I am not gonna spoiled. I watch this for the second time, because I think I don’t get it enough, psychologically. The first time I watch was 7 years ago.

This great Heisenberg or we go his actual name, Walter White is a NOVEL chemist, supposed to make BILLIONS within Gray Matter Technologies, co-founded with his fellows, but due to the very low self-esteem (which is my utmost conclusion), he sold his potential of shares with just $5000. That amount, my friend, he thinks was ‘a lot enough’ and just walk away. If he, could just ‘handle’ himself better and realize more of his patent potential, not walking away with LOW-BALLED price that he is actually NOT OKAY, he could have live happier, if not richer, but with his creation and enjoyed his worth.

Dear all, I really want to stress about the essence, the core moral value of this story:

🔑 High self-esteem is the key to high performance 🔑

It has been in many studies that shows that low self-esteem results in violence, aggressiveness, bad behavior though the person actually POSSESS beautiful GOOD features.

After watching this drama, I quickly list strong characters of an actual psychopath;

  1. low self-esteem
  2. naturally God-given intelligent.
  3. selfish.
  4. calm and rational in immoral situations.
  5. take control through mind games.
  6. has a great amount of self-control for his dark activity, able to behave in a professional manner, and maintain the highest ethics or codes to produce the best artwork.
  7. manipulating = rationalizing others/ family that it is still okay while it is strongly bullshit.
  8. blaming others for his chosen path.
  9. regret
  10. subjectively violent.

The community will see a psychopath as having a good man with virtues. Walter White here is gentle, kind, and caring person but inside is just a different desire.

When he does criminal activity, he has the highest quality, which is why blue meth has good SOUND BRAND among druggies and drug lords. His blue meth has the highest purity of 96% by using his crystallography method and hence, pays THE HIGHEST in the European drug market and CONTROL market share, compared to the amount of his sold shares before.

Not much of pride can be taken into credit when his family is jeopardized and damaged – a result of selfishness. Another evidence of selfishness is when Walter White said, “I liked it, I was good at it.” after all the time he said he was doing this for “family”. He finally admitted that he did it for himself to his DAMAGED wife.

For me, he is just at this problem of having low self-confidence to take pride in his true good potential. He just took $5000 and walked away and then, developed Regret.

Every time he looks at his fellow co-founders who are really rich and make billions of fortune, he builds sense of regrets. ‘Regret’ is a code RED.

How you are not a psychopath?

Finally, we come to some light.

You are not an inch close a psychopath if you have these four codes;

You protect moral code (you need to know what is moral and immoral), you take POSITIVE pride in things you do, you are acting care for others (though you think you are the most selfish human being in the planet) and you do not (build up a sense of) regret.

Regret develops revenge that can only hurt self more. Regret drains energy to that negative wounded focus point. The deeper the hole, it will be hard to climb up. When that happens, you tend to put blame on others. Regret needs to be guided towards ‘Total Acceptance‘.

You just need to ignore like a windy day, take full ownership 100%, claim YOUR POWER, do not fix your flaw, and HIT the good work.

As the phrase says, “Success is the best revenge”. Ingredients of success are:

Ignorance & Confidence.

For Muslims, there is extra code –> That is Islamic value; which is all embedded in the first 11 ayat of surah al-Mukminun. Click to read (English / Malay).

Thinking is not the same as acting. If you think immoral, but actions are still good, brace yourself. You are still not in pathy (sickness).


This little guidance or little shed of light, I hopefully suppose to save you from thinking nonsense that you are a psychopath. Saving you from taking uncredited internet nonsense psycho test and saving you from feeling anxious about your own self that you think you might bring harm than good to others, so you quit living the life while the real thing is you are still caring for others but at the moment, just at the point of FULL OF YOURSELF.

So, still have a chance to make a HIT from TRUE GOOD potential and join a few good men. True good potential is in the DEEP WORK. “Who wants to do deep work?” — Explains good men are few and rare.

Good men are internally confident, externally humble.

P.s: Do watch El Camino. It is 2 hours movie, extended mission of escapist, Jesse Pinkman. Released in 2019 while the drama series released in 2008, ends 2012. Aaron Paul is a really great actor and he is not a product of any acting school.

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